Animal Control
Have you ever been on a walk and had a dog get too friendly?   How about a coyote roaming your neighborhood looking for food? Have other animals threatened your own pets? 

There is now a solution, the JPX Pepper Gun.

Using pepper spray on an animal will cause it instant distress and potentially stop it in it's tracks, but no one wants to get that close to an angry animal. A dog or coyote can move very fast and most sprays are ineffective until they are very close. The JPX will fire a concentrated blast of liquid OC up to 23 feet at 405 MPH! This can stop all animals including Bears even if they are moving quickly.

An added benefit is that you don't have to worry about wind shear. With most sprays, if the wind isn't blowing in the right direction, you can end up wearing your own pepper spray. The velocity of the JPX makes blowback a non-event giving you absolute security in even windy situations.

We have sold several guns to animal control in several cities on the west coast. The JPX is the ultimate choice for protecting both you and your pets from outside predators.
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